Conspiracy to Import Class A Drugs

The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and the Customs and Excise Management Act 1979 outline that it is a criminal offence to transport a controlled substance, including Class A drugs, in or out of the UK. Being found guilty of conspiracy to import Class A drugs carries very serious penalties, so if you have been arrested or charged with such an offence, having the support of an expert criminal defence team is essential.

No matter what your circumstances may be, the way your case is handled from the earliest stages can have a major impact on the final outcome. This means that any mistakes made during police interviews, customs or other legal authorities could prove to be decisive if your case eventually goes to trial, especially as the importation of drugs sentencing guidelines are so severe.

At Conspiracy Solicitor, our specialist criminal defence solicitors have strong expertise and experience defending individuals faced with allegations of the importation of Class A drugs. We can work alongside you, ensuring that your case is carefully handled from day one, providing robust representation to ensure your defence is not compromised and that all of the key details are accurately identified.

In many instances, we are able to help clients facing allegations of the importation of Class A drugs to avoid charges or see existing charges dropped where they have been wrongly accused. Where a sentence for importing Class A drugs is unavoidable, we can advise you on your available options, which may include a plea bargain, as well as providing representation for criminal trials of all levels.

No matter what stage of proceedings you may be at or whether you have already secured representation but are unhappy with your existing criminal defence lawyers, we can help.

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How our criminal defence solicitors can help you with conspiracy to import Class A drugs charges

Police station representation for importation of Class A drugs

Our team offer 24/7 police station representation for anyone interviewed or arrested for conspiracy to import Class A drugs. This includes arrests made by the police, customs and other government agencies in relation to drug importation offences.

We have strong expertise in supporting individuals arrested for importation of controlled drugs and will be able to offer the specialist advice and representation required to ensure that your case is handled appropriately. This is something that many duty solicitors will not be able to offer.

Legal representation for conspiracy to import Class A drugs

Importing a controlled drug is an either way offence, which means that it can be dealt with in either Magistrates’ Court or Crown Court. The severity of the crime and surrounding circumstances will determine which court a case is heard in.

Our team have substantial experience with both Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court prosecutions, which means we can provide the robust representation required, no matter where your case is heard. We have strong links to some of the UK’s leading barristers, so will be able to make sure that you have the highest standard of representation if your case goes to trial.

Proceeds of Crime Act (PoCA) proceedings

Our team are highly experienced with Proceeds of Crime Act proceedings and has regularly worked with individuals facing allegations to import drugs who have had cash and various other assets seized, bank accounts frozen or who are facing confiscation proceedings.

We have previously handled cases covering small amounts, right the way through to those covering millions of pounds, demonstrating our ability to ensure you can recover your assets wherever possible and minimise any potential losses.

Common questions about conspiracy to import Class A drugs

What are the sentencing guidelines for conspiracy to import Class A drugs?

Importation of Class A drugs sentencing will ultimately depend on a number of factors, including whether any other offences are deemed to have been committed, such as supply or production of Class A drugs, the alleged culpability of an individual, and whether the case is heard in the Magistrates’ or Crown Court. The recommended sentencing range of 3.5-16 years’ custody.

What is the maximum sentence for conspiracy to import Class A drugs?

Importation of drugs sentencing guidelines indicates the maximum sentence for importing Class A drugs is life imprisonment.

What is the minimum sentence for conspiracy to import Class A drugs?

Importation of Class A drugs sentencing specifies that the minimum sentence is 3.5 years’ imprisonment.

What should I do if I have been arrested for conspiracy to import Class A drugs?

If you have been arrested for conspiracy to import Class A drugs, it is essential that you get in touch with our expert criminal defence solicitors as soon as possible. Any mistakes made during the early stages of an investigation can prove to be substantial, which is where our solicitors can step into support, using their substantial expertise.

Why choose Conspiracy Solicitor for defence against conspiracy to import Class A drugs?

Conspiracy Solicitor is a trading style of Bird and Co Solicitors LLP, a leading East Midlands law firm that has been supporting clients all over England and Wales for over 30 years.

Led by senior partner Christopher Milligan, our specialist criminal defence team has over 200 years of combined experience with serious drug offences, including importation of Class A drugs.

We are accredited by the Law Society for Criminal Litigation, recognising our expertise in all areas of criminal prosecutions.

How to transfer your case to Conspiracy Solicitor

If for any reason, you are unhappy with your current solicitors or feel you need the specialist expertise of our criminal defence team to support with an allegation of the importation of Class A drugs, we would be happy to discuss taking over your defence.

If you are currently covering the cost of your own defence or are yet to be granted legal aid (otherwise known as a Representation Order), the process of transferring a case to our team is relatively straightforward. Simply get in touch, and our team will be happy to discuss this with you.

If you have already been granted legal aid, you may still be able to transfer the funding to our team under certain circumstances.

To do so, one of the following must apply:

  • Your current solicitor must withdraw from your case
  • It can be demonstrated that the relationship between you and your current legal team has completely broken down, e.g. your solicitor has given you the incorrect advice or misled you about importation of Class A drugs sentencing
  • There is another ‘substantial compelling’ reason to change representation – a judge will ultimately choose whether to accept such a reason, and this can often be challenging to achieve.

Find out more about transferring your case to Conspiracy Solicitors.

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