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Operation Glamorgan

Conspiracy Solicitors represented LB in a large scale and a long running investigation into the supply of Class A drugs in Gloucestershire.

The case involved 14 defendants and dates as far back as 2018.

The defendants were accused of conspiring to supply cocaine over a long period and the case involved multiple kilos of Class A drugs being supplied and numerous seizures taking place during enforcement action by the Police.

As is typical in cases of this type, the Police and Prosecution analysed a large number of mobile telephone handsets that had been seized from suspects during the course of the investigation.

Once the authorities had gained access to these mobile telephones, they were able to download text messages, WhatsApp messages and other media and build a picture of the actions of the alleged conspirators.

The authorities also obtained the telephone call data records from the various telephone networks who had supplied telephone services to the mobile handsets attributed to the alleged conspirators.

These telephone call data records built up a picture of contact between the key players who were alleged to be involved in the conspiracy.

Conspiracy Solicitors instructed Kristian Cavanagh (Counsel) from Exchange Chambers to represent the defendant LB at trial.

After many months of careful preparation and painstaking analysis by the defence, not to mention numerous court hearings before the trial judge His Honour Judge James Patrick, the case eventually came to trial in February and March of 2021.

Conspiracy Solicitors are pleased to announce that their client, LB, was the only defendant who was ACQUITTED in the whole case.

The other 13 defendants either pleaded guilty or were convicted by the jury after trial.

This case was dealt with by expert Conspiracy Solicitors Stuart Wild (Partner) and Damian Sabino (Solicitor/Advocate) at Conspiracy Solicitors.

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