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Being investigated or prosecuted in relation to a bribery offence can be very serious, with the potential penalties including a substantial fine, director disqualification and even a prison sentence of up to 10 years, depending on the circumstances.

If you find yourself facing an investigation or charges for bribery, you should therefore rely on a criminal defence team with specialist expertise and experience in these types of offences to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Our bribery lawyers have many years of experience representing a wide range of individuals against bribery charges, with a strong track record of success under even the most challenging of circumstance.

We have the specialist legal knowledge and diligent approach needed to ensure all of the relevant facts are exposed and that any flaws in the investigators’ or prosecution’s case are uncovered. With our representation, you can be confident that no potential angle of defence will be missed that could help secure a not guilty verdict in court or mitigate the penalties where a guilty verdict is unavoidable.

Our bribery defence team can support you at every stage of investigation and prosecution, so whether you have been arrested, are due to be interviewed under caution or have been charged with a bribery offence, we can provide the advice, guidance and skilled advocacy you need to achieve a fair outcome.

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Our bribery defence services

Our bribery lawyers represent individual clients and businesses across the UK in even the most serious and complex cases related to bribery investigations and prosecutions.

Our bribery defence expertise includes:

  • General bribery offences
  • Bribery of foreign public officials
  • Bribery prosecutions against senior officers of a company
  • Failure of commercial organisations to prevent bribery
  • Inappropriate provision of corporate hospitality
  • Facilitation payments
  • Offences related to accepting a bribe

What is a bribery offence?

The Bribery Act 2010 defines a bribery offence as being when a person gives, promises to give or offers to give another individual a financial advantage or other type of advantage in exchange for the recipient or intended recipient “improperly” performing a “relevant function or activity”.

The Act also defines being bribed as accepting, agreeing to accept or requesting a financial or other advantage in exchange for improperly performing a function or activity.

Acting “improperly” is defined as being where a function or activity is carried out in a way that would not be expected under normal circumstances, or in a way where good faith or impartiality have been breached.

Penalties for bribery offences

The exact penalties for being found guilty of (or pleading guilty to) a bribery offence will depend on the circumstances.

If the case is tried in a Magistrates’ Court then the maximum penalty is up to 12 months’ imprisonment and a fine of up to £5,000.

If the case is tried in Crown Court, the maximum penalty is up to 10 years’ imprisonment and an unlimited fine.

A company director convicted of bribery is also likely to be disqualified from acting as a director for anywhere between 2 and 15 years, under the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986.

How to fund your defence against bribery charges

Police station representation for bribery charges                                                                                           

When arrested or interviewed under caution by the police or the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) in relation to a bribery offence, you are entitled to free legal advice from a lawyer. Our criminal defence team includes several accredited Police Station Representatives who can advise and support you from the outset, ensuring we can start building an effective defence for you straightaway.

Legal aid for defence against bribery

If you are prosecuted for bribery in a Magistrates’ Court, a Representation Order can cover the full cost of your defence. This is dependent on you passing a means test to show you cannot fund your own defence and a merit test to demonstrate that providing you with a legal defence team is in the ‘Interests of Justice’.

If prosecuted for bribery in Crown Court, legal aid will normally only fund part of the cost of your defence. This will also be subject to means testing which will determine how much of the cost of your defence should be covered by a Representation Order and how much you will have to cover yourself. If you are found not guilty, any contribution you made towards the cost of your defence will be repaid with interest.

Why choose our bribery defence lawyers for your case?

Conspiracy Solicitor is a trading style of Bird and Co Solicitors LLP, a highly regarded East Midlands law firm with over 30 years’ experience representing clients facing charges and/or prosecution for corporate fraud offences across England and Wales.

Our criminal defence team has over 200 years of combined experience with an enviable reputation for success in bribery offences cases. We offer the clear, practical legal advice and skilled advocacy need to create the best possible legal strategy for your defence.

No matter how complex or challenging your situation, our bribery defence lawyers can help to secure a fair result.

How to secure representation by our specialist bribery lawyers

If you have not yet been granted a Representation Order for the cost of your defence and wish to have our bribery defence team represent you, simply get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your case.

If you have already been given legal aid with respect to a different solicitor or law firm, please take a look at our guide to transferring your case to Conspiracy Solicitors to find out whether you may be able to transfer your Legal Aid funding to our team.

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