Police Station Representation Solicitors

If you need police station advice or legal defence in the police station, call us as soon as possible on 01476 591711 or out of hours 07711 627048.

Many people treat attendance at the police station as a fairly unimportant part of the criminal justice process. The main concern is to get bail quickly and get released from custody.

We at Conspiracy Solicitor know that police station advice is important. The police station and the interviews which take place there are the first stage of the criminal justice process.

Image of a UK police officer running

What happens there will undoubtedly be referred to at trial or at sentencing hearings. What you say, or don’t say, can change what will happen to you in the long term. You may be convicted because you did the wrong thing. You may receive a longer sentence because the wrong approach was taken.

If you are arrested ask for Bird and Co Solicitors, Grantham, and get one of the Conspiracy Solicitor team on your side.

Legal advice from a solicitor or accredited adviser in the police station can make a difference. Don’t go unrepresented.

In any sizeable criminal investigation there are likely to be many interviews. These may stretch over several hours and cover all conceivable issues in the case. There will often be teams of interviewing officers, working in a number of different police station custody suites, but all co-ordinated by the Senior Investigating Officer and the CID team. They will be sharing information and disclosing only what they really need to. Often they will try to catch suspects out by asking them questions which if answered in particular ways will be inconsistent with the evidence they possess. Suspects in different police stations can be interviewed simultaneously, without any knowledge of what other suspects are saying until the police question them about it.

If you are required to attend at the police station for an interview under caution you are entitled to FREE LEGAL ADVICE. It doesn’t cost you anything and we can attend 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Everything you say to your legal adviser in the police station is confidential. We’re totally independent of the police and will give you the advice which is in your best interests. You’ll be glad you came to us.

If you use Conspiracy Solicitor for police station advice you’ll be better off in the following ways:

  • You will hear in advance what information the police are willing to disclose to us about the allegations they are investigating
  • We will advise you about the law relating to the allegations, your actions, and your rights when in police custody
  • We will advise you about what approach you should take to the interview with the police
  • We will sit in the police interview with you to ensure that the interview is conducted fairly and properly, advise you throughout, and to protect your interests during that process
  • We will make representations to the police about how your case should be dealt with, for example whether you should be charged with an offence or not
  • If necessary, we will make representations about your bail
  • If you are charged with an offence, we will be better informed about the police case at an earlier stage, can deal with any necessary application for a representation order (“legal aid”) and we’ll already be aware of your court date

It is always better to be represented than not. If you need solicitor advice in the police station get in touch to discuss your case with us today.