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  • We're a highly experienced team of criminal defence solicitors and other criminal lawyers, specialising in criminal defence and the defence of very serious or complex cases. We have particular experience of dealing with large, multi-handed, conspiracies.

    If you, or a loved one, has been accused of conspiracy, whether conspiracy to supply Class A drugsconspiracy to rob, or even conspiracy to murder we can help you. We can deal with all of the most serious and complex criminal allegations. 

  • We've been involved in some of the most complex and serious cases of recent years and have achieved good results for many of our clients. Successes have ranged from the police station all the way to the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division).

    If you want to be sure that you have experienced and high-quality criminal defence representation get in touch with us. We'll always be pleased to hear from you. We can give you advice and represent you all the way from police station through the Magistrates' Court and at jury trial in the Crown Court.

  • We have our own experienced higher courts advocacy team and also maintain links with some of the best barristers' chambers in the country. We only brief those who we know will do a good job for our clients.

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