Our Cases

Operation Faber

We represented a defendant who was charged with Conspiracy to supply class A (heroin) drugs.

Our client was already serving a 7 year sentence for an earlier conspiracy to supply heroin when we were not instructed.

The prosecution case was that our client was organising from his prison cell along with his father and his fathers partner to supply heroin to pay off debts from his earlier conviction.

The evidence against the client was from several mobile phones seized from his cell over a number of months, these were cell sited as being used from his current prison location, and the phones were attributed to our client from the interpretation of some of the messages to his father.

The messages; included whatsapp messages and Face book images along with instructions to obtain quantities of a commodity and instructions to collect monies that were owed. The monies having then been deposited into our clients account.

The Police raided our father’s home and recovered around £34,000 of Heroin, the defendants’ father pleaded guilty to conspiracy at an earlier stage.

Our client had confirmed in his defence case statement, that he had conspired to supply amphetamine and spice paper but not heroin, this was not accepted by the Crown and so the matter proceeded to trial.

Following a trial and after giving evidence our client was found NOT guilty on 9th April 2019 but the other co-conspirator was found guilty after trial.