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EncroChat arrest legal defence service

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Have you or a partner been caught up in the Encrochat police hack? Our specialist criminal defence solicitors can help.

Having the right legal representation as soon as possible can mean the difference between a criminal conviction and freedom. Our team can represent you if you have been arrested, released under investigation or are concerned about the possibility of arrest in connection to encrypted messages sent through EncroChat.

Our criminal defence lawyers are highly experienced in representing clients accused of serious and complex offences, including those involving drugs, firearms, serious violence and murder. We represent clients nationwide and have an excellent track record of securing acquittals and reduced sentences where conviction is unavoidable.

We can provide clear, practical advice for your defence, including on issues such as police powers to search your phone and other devices. This way, you can be confident of avoiding any mistakes which could seriously harm your defence.

For instant advice and representation, call Conspiracy Solicitor on 01476 591711 or 0845 305 4176.

For urgent out of hours police station advice, call 07711 627048.

Have you or a loved one been arrested following the Encrochat hack? Get advice from expert criminal defence solicitors

At Conspiracy Solicitor, we specialise in complex and serious criminal law cases. You can be confident you are in safe hands with our team thanks to our decades of experience and strong track record of achieving positive outcomes for our clients.

We can provide legal aid funded police station representation at no cost to you, as well as representation for every stage of criminal proceedings on a legal aid or privately funded basis. To find out more about funding your criminal defence, click here.

If you already have a solicitor and are unhappy with their representation, you may be able to transfer your case to us. To find out more about transferring your case to Conspiracy Solicitor, click here.

Some of our previous criminal defence successes include:

  • Operation Latious our client was accused of county lines offences to traffic drugs throughout the country. With our assistance, he was found not guilty at trial.
  • Operation Faber our client was accused of conspiracy to supply class A drugs (heroin). With our assistance, he was found not guilty at trial.
  • Operation Bivan our client, along with 3 other defendants, was charged with dealing over £1 million in drugs through an organised crime gang. Out of the 4 defendants, our client was the only one found not guilty.
  • R v M & A our clients were 2 individuals accused of the commercial production of cannabis. Thanks to our robust arguments, the case was thrown out by the judge and our clients’ names cleared.

Get in touch to discuss your defence with our expert team now.

Give us a call on 01476 591711 or 0845 305 4176, email us at, or fill in our online enquiry form for a quick response.

For urgent police station advice, call us now on 0845 305 4176 or Out of Hours 07711 627048.

How our criminal defence solicitors can help you

Police station representation

Our criminal defence solicitors can provide free legal advice at police stations and other places of detention, making sure you have the best possible representation from the outset.

We can also advise you before the point of arrest, if you are concerned that you may be at risk due to your use of EncroChat.

Our team are frequently able to help clients avoid charges, as well as offering clear guidance on what to do if you are released under investigation. Should you be charged with an offence, we can handle every stage of your prosecution, giving you the best chance of acquittal or securing reduced penalties where conviction cannot be avoided.

Drug offences

We specialise in a wide range of drug offences, including the most serious charges related to drug conspiracy offences, drug gang offences and commercial drug dealing and production offences.

Our expertise includes:

  • Possession of class A drugs
  • Possession with intent to supply, including class A, class B, class C, heroin, cannabis, cocaine etc
  • Drug production
  • Production with intent to supply
  • Conspiracy to supply class A drugs
  • Importation of drugs

County lines offences

County lines is the term used to describe drug trafficking across the country, usually between cities and rural areas using dedicated phone lines and children, teenagers, and vulnerable adults as transport.

We can advise on the whole range of county lines offences, including:

  • Drugs offences, including conspiracy to supply drugs and possession with intent to supply
  • Drug gang injunctions
  • Fraud and money laundering offences
  • Firearms offences, including possession of firearms, criminal use of firearms, and importation of firearms
  • Modern slavery offences

Organised crime offences

Organised crime charges are typically complicated and carry the potential for substantial penalties on conviction, so careful handling is essential. Our criminal defence solicitors have strong specialist expertise in representing clients accused of involvement in organised crime, so can ensure your defence is handled effectively at every stage.

Our expertise includes:

  • Serious drug offences
  • High value fraud
  • Human trafficking
  • Sexual offences
  • Murder
  • Robbery

Conspiracy to commit murder

Conspiracy to commit murder is a very serious offence, even if the murder was never carried out. It is possible to be caught up in a conspiracy charge even if you were not directly involved in any unlawful activity e.g. you could be charged for providing a vehicle that was to be used in a murder, even though providing a vehicle to someone else is not itself a crime.

Our criminal defence team can assist conspiracy charges related to:

  • Murder
  • Attempted murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Planning a murder that was never carried out

Get fast, specialist criminal defence advice today

Give us a call on 01476 591711 or 0845 305 4176, email us at, or fill in our online enquiry form for a quick response.

For urgent police station advice, call us now on 0845 305 4176 or Out of Hours 07711 627048.

Conspiracy Solicitor is a trading style of Bird and Co Solicitors LLP. Our firm are members of the Law Society Criminal Litigation Accreditation scheme and we are independently regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).