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Operation Bivan - Lincoln Crown Court

Conspiracy Solicitors represented a number of defendants in Operation Bivan, an investigation led by the East Midlands Special Operations Unit in collaboration with Lincolnshire Police.

The organised crime group were found to have dealt in more than £1m worth of illegal narcotics.

The inquiry identified the sourcing and distribution of substantial amounts of cocaine, heroin, MKat and amphetamine from long established relationships with other organised crime groups based in Manchester and Nottingham.

In preparing the case for trial, the Conspiracy Solicitors legal team led by Solicitor Robert Arthur painstakingly trawled through thousands of pages of evidence relating to all thirteen defendants.  Conspiracy Solicitors represented clients in this case all the way to the Court of Appeal.  

Of the  12 conspirators charged, 4 went to trial,  and 3 were in fact convicted. We  obtained the only acquittal in the case against our client, who it was alleged by the prosecution to be the “Money man” in the original crime group.