Corporate Fraud Lawyer

Corporate fraud covers a range of offences, the penalties for which can be very serious, including substantial fines, director disqualification and even a prison sentence.

If you find yourself facing an investigation or charges for corporate fraud, it is therefore essential to have a criminal defence team with specialist expertise and experience in these types of offences.

Whether you have been arrested, interviewed under caution or charged with a corporate fraud offence, our highly experienced and respected defence lawyers can provide the advice, guidance and skilled advocacy you need to achieve a fair outcome.

With decades of experience representing a wide range of clients under even the most challenging of circumstances, our fraud defence team can ensure all of the relevant facts are brought to light. Where evidence of your innocence can be found, or flaws in the prosecution exposed, we will ensure no potential angle is missed to help secure a not guilty verdict in court or mitigate the penalties, depending on the situation.

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Our corporate fraud defence services

Our corporate fraud lawyers represent individual clients and businesses all over the UK in a wide range of fraud cases, including the most serious and complex cases.

Our corporate fraud defence expertise includes:

  • Payment fraud
  • Pyramid schemes and other non-sustainable business model frauds
  • Insolvency and bankruptcy related fraud
  • Corporate banking fraud
  • Corporate insurance fraud
  • Invoice fraud
  • Procurement fraud
  • Share sale fraud
  • False accounting
  • Corporate finance fraud

How to fund your defence against corporate fraud charges

Police station representation for corporate fraud                                                                                           

If you are arrested or interviewed under caution by the police or the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), you are entitled to free legal advice from a lawyer.  While you can use the duty solicitor available, we strongly recommend retaining a specialist fraud defence lawyer from the outset to ensure your defence is handled effectively. Our team includes a number of accredited Police Station Representatives, so we can make sure you have the very best legal advice from the start.

Legal aid for corporate fraud

You may be able to have of all of the cost of your defence funded by legal aid in the form of a Representation Order from the Criminal Defence Service.

If your case is prosecuted in a Magistrates’ Court this can cover the full cost of your defence. To qualify, you will have to pass a means test to show you cannot fund your own defence, as well as a merit test to demonstrate that providing you with a legal defence team is in the ‘Interests of Justice’.

If your case is prosecuted in Crown Court legal aid will normally only fund part of the cost of your defence. You will again need to be means tested and this will determine how much legal aid will contribute towards the cost of your defence. If you are found not guilty in Crown Court, any payments you have made towards your legal defence costs will be repaid with interest.

Why choose our corporate fraud defence lawyers for your case?

Conspiracy Solicitor is a trading style of Bird and Co Solicitors LLP, a highly regarded East Midlands law firm with over 30 years experience representing clients facing charges and/or prosecution for corporate fraud offences across England and Wales.

Our criminal defence team has over 200 years of combined experience and an exceptional track record of success in corporate fraud cases. We provide clear, practical legal advice along with the experience and expertise to ensure we put together the best possible strategy for your defence.

No matter how complex or challenging your situation, our corporate fraud defence lawyers can help secure a fair outcome.

How to transfer your case to our specialist corporate fraud lawyers

If you have not yet been granted a Representation Order for the cost of your defence, it is straightforward to select our criminal defence lawyers to represent you.

However, if you have already been given legal aid with respect to a different solicitor or law firm, you will normally only be allowed to transfer this to our team under exceptional circumstances.

These circumstances include:

  • If your current solicitor withdraws from the case for professional reasons, e.g. a conflict of interest, or personal reasons, e.g. serious illness.
  • Your relationship with your legal team has irretrievably broken down, for example if you have been given bad advice that hurt your defence.
  • Where a “substantial compelling” reason for you to change defence team exists. However, it is up to a judge to decide if this is the case and this is usually a hard standard to meet.

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