R v Caller - Lincoln Crown Court

Conspiracy Solicitors represented Milly Caller, a 22 year old female, cleared in the Crown Court of helping her best friend commit suicide.

Miss Caller was charged with encouraging or assisting the suicide of her best friend Emma Crossman.

Caller was alleged by the prosecution to have been “obsessed and infatuated” by Miss Crossman, 21, at the time of her death.

After six days of evidence at Lincoln Crown Court a jury found Miss Caller not guilty in May 2015.

Miss Crossman was found dead in her home in January 2014, having suffocated. Opening the case for the prosecution the Crown told the jury that Miss Caller supplied the gas Miss Crossman used to kill herself, claiming she purchased it online.

Miss Caller is believed to be the youngest person to have been charged with assisting suicide, following the death of her friend.