Our Cases

R v Butler & Others 2010 - Southwark Crown Court

We represented a Company Director who arranged for a lettings firm to provide four apartments to the Metropolitan Police following a Counter Terrorism operation in Leeds following the 7th July bombings in the capital.

A Counter terrorism officer was jailed for defrauding the Metropolitan Police out of thousands of pounds in the property scam.

The Detective Constable was jailed for three years for his part in the scam following the bombings in 2005 when he appeared at Southwark Crown Court,

Our client, (the brother in law of the officer), conspired to overcharge the Metropolitan Police for apartment rentals during the stay in Leeds of a number of Counter Terrorism officers to the tune of £93,000.00.

Our client, represented by Stuart Wild and In House barrister Christopher Milligan mitigated the Client’s sentence down to 12 months imprisonment and later agreed a Proceeds Of Crime Order ordering client to pay back a nominal sum of £1.