Our Cases

Operation Saracen

This was a multi- kilogram conspiracy to supply class A drugs [crack cocaine and heroin] from the West Midlands to the Lincolnshire area over approximately a 9 month period.

This followed extensive investigation by officers using mobile phone data, cell site data to track individuals phones and locations, and finally under cover surveillance by officers to obtain the evidence to charge the conspirators.

It was alleged that our client was the right hand man at the Lincolnshire end of the conspiracy, which included allegations that he had taken over a management role once his co- conspirator and friend had left the country on holiday.

On the prosecution case this put him higher up the sentencing guidelines as he would have a managerial role.  We managed to persuade the court that the evidence did not fit with him having such a high role within the conspiracy, thus attracting a significant reduction in sentence.

His co-defendant and friend  was sentenced on the basis of a leading role and category 1; he received a sentence of 11years and 6 months.

We persuaded the court that our client was within the lower significant level and category 2, and his sentence therefore was 7 ½ years some 4 years less than his friend and co-defendant.