Trish Ambrose

Trish Ambrose

Criminal Paralegal

Trish is a paralegal within the Conspiracy Solicitor Crown Court team, based at our Nottinghamshire office. Her time within the department has enabled Trish to acquire an exceptional understanding of the inner workings of the Court system, the procedures involved, and how the legal system operates when a case reaches Court.

Trish has the ability to identify potential issues within a case before they arise due to her previous exposure to case files and her knowledge of what is expected by the Courts, whether it be Magistrates or Crown Court.

Her specialist knowledge enables her to provide the team with invaluable assistance to the team in the preparation of cases for Court; drafting proofs and witness statements, as well as always having in mind the types of questions are likely to arise under cross-examination and what the Magistrates or Judges hearing the case may be looking for, in order for such applications to be solid and persuasive.