Rachael Newcombe

Rachael Newcombe

Criminal Paralegal

Rachael is an accredited Police station representative and Crown Court Paralegal, based at our office in Grantham. Rachael has worked in the field of criminal defence since 1996.

In her years of practice, Rachael has built a reputation for offering her clients reliable and reasoned advice, which is critical during the initial stage of any criminal investigation; utilising her analytical skills to navigate her clients through even the most complex of allegations.

She has vast experience of advising clients in all types of investigation; including serious fraud, sexual offences, murder, serious assaults such as unlawful and malicious wounding with intent, firearms offences and computer related offences.

Rachael has the ability to put any client at ease and explain the law to them in a way they can easily understand. She has therefore inevitably built an extremely loyal lay and professional client base, who frequently insist on her representation.

Rachael is dedicated to the provision of 24 hour advice and assistance which she believes is key to maintaining and providing a high standard and quality of service to all her clients.