Operation Deadlock - Teesside Crown Court

Conspiracy Solicitors represented one of fourteen defendants from Middlesbrough, Darlington and West Yorkshire charged with 17 counts on the Indictment including conspiracy to supply cocaine and heroin throughout 2014.

A number of men were arrested in a series of raids by Cleveland police who carried out the pre planned exercise on addresses in Middlesbrough and Darlington in January 2015.

Officers seized 1.5kg of cocaine, 4.5kg of heroin, 2kg of MCAT, 30kg of cannabis, 20kg of amphetamine, s double barrelled shotgun and about £105,000 cash in a police operation which smashed the drugs network.

Seven of the gang were jailed for a total of 62 years following the seizure of £1.25m worth of drugs with one defendant receiving a custodial sentence of 17 years.

Conspiracy Solicitors’ client was given a relatively short  sentence for his role in “big time drug dealing” after the Judge heard mitigation from Chris Milligan from Conspiracy Solicitors and the judge saw a sheaf of references speaking well of him.

In sentencing, Chris persuaded the judge to temper the inevitable prison sentence and achieved a great result for our client.

Possible sentences ranged from three-and-a-half to ten years.

Taking into account the mitigation, His Honour Judge Sean Morris, who delivered an impassioned speech against the evils of the drugs trade, jailed him for only four years.

More latterly, we dealt with the Crown’s Proceeds of Crime application (POCA) and notwithstanding he had benefitted from his crime to the tune of £45,000 the Court ordered that he repay just £1.