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Suspected Drug Dealing Gang Arrested in Leicester

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17 men were arrested in Leicester on Thursday 14 January, on suspicion of drug and money laundering offences.

An investigation by the East Midlands Special Operations Unit (EMSOU) into a suspected Class A conspiracy led to 14 warrants being handed out.

Tens of thousands of pounds in cash, a large quantity of Class A and Class B drugs, two cars and dozens of mobile phones are said to have been seized during various searches that took place in Leicester city centre, Hinckley and Great Glen.

Two of the men were also arrested on suspicion of immigration offences.

EMSOU Detective Inspector Mark Booth said in a statement: “A huge amount of work has gone into this investigation, both behind the scenes and on the streets, and I want to say a huge thank you to Leicestershire Police for their support today.

“Criminals often try very hard to avoid detection and cover their tracks, but the scale of our activity today proves that we’ll leave no stone unturned when pursuing those we suspect to be causing the most harm in our communities.”

The men, who are said to be aged between 19 and 49, will now be questioned by detectives.

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